Vengeance - VTR1 Melody Trap 82 BPM - Samples Pack Free Download


"Vengeance [VTR1 Melody Trap 82 BPM]" is a musical composition that falls under the genre of trap music. It is a part of the Vengeance Trap series, a collection of sample packs and loops designed for producers and musicians who want to create trap music. 

The specific track, "VTR1 Melody Trap 82 BPM," is characterized by its dark and haunting melody, heavy bassline, and slow tempo of 82 beats per minute. It is intended to create a sense of tension and anticipation, which is a common theme in trap music.

The Vengeance Trap series is well-known in the music production community for its high-quality samples and loops. The series includes a wide variety of sounds, including drums, basses, synths, and vocals, making it a versatile tool for trap producers. 

Overall, "Vengeance [VTR1 Melody Trap 82 BPM]" is a popular track among trap music enthusiasts and a great example of the unique sound and style of the genre.

Melody Trap 82 BPM
File Size 22.9 MB
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